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Cross-modal perception


Instructor: Stefania Serafin: sts at
1.5 ECTS, PE course (the other 1.5 ECTS on cognitive processes are covered by Luis Bruni)


The design of new interactive media requires an understanding of how different human senses act and interact together. Seeing, hearing, touching and how they relate and integrate is the topic of this course.

Schedule and material

There is no texbook for this class, but a compendium of articles and readings.





Lecture 1

Introduction to cross-modal perception.

Readings from the compendium assigned in class.

Stefania Serafin

Lecture 2

Audio-visual interaction
Lecture 3

The sense of touch. Audio-haptic interaction. Haptic-visual interaction.

Lecture 4

Experiment design in cross-modal perception.
Lecture 5

Ecological psychology. Applications of cross-modal perception. Choice of topics for presentations.

Lecture 6

Presentations: day 1.

Lecture 7

Presentations: day 2.

Lecture 8

Wrap-up. Merging the senses.

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