The project explores mediated intimacy between remote strangers through music. Two boxes are placed at two remote locations. In each box there is a hole for the head of the user. When "inside" the box the remote users look directly in the eyes of each other. A face tracking algorithm by Kyle McDonald detects the users mouth opening and triggers opera singing. This way the remote strangers can explore intimacy through an opera duet.


Evaluating Intimacy and Ludic Engagement with a Musical Interactive Art Installation that Explores Remote Abstract Communication/ Gelineck, Steven; Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) - HCII2015: Human Computer Interaction International, 2015.

OperaBooth: an Installation for Intimate Remote Communication through Music/ Gelineck, Steven; Proceedings of the 9th Audio Mostly Conference. Aalborg, Denmark : Association for Computing Machinery, 2014.

Picture taken from inside the OperaBooth.

The OperaBooth was tested at the main reception area at Aalborg University Copenhagen

User trying the OperaBooth.