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Maybe you have already heard of the ”Aalborg-Model”. This model has contributed to Aalborg University’s fame and recognition. Since its foundation, Aalborg University has adopted a problem and project-oriented approach.

From the first Semester, you will work together in groups to solve specific problems.
This cooperation gives you the possibility to engage in larger and more complex problem areas than you could tackle on your own. Each semester time is divided approximately equally between project-work and classes.
Each semester starts with the forming of new groups of about 5-7 persons. When this has happened the project group will be assigned its own workspace at the institute. Additionally, everybody gets their schedules for the semester, as well as catalogues of project-proposals, course-description, literature lists and reading guides.


You will experience that, generally, the courses are theoretical and that the tempo during lectures is high.

Typically, a class for a day lasts 4 hours, with the lecturing part taking 2 X 45 minutes.
After this, the lecturer and assistants will go around to the group areas to help you with assignments for the classes.
This means that you as a group will never be stuck during solving an assignment, and that the lecturer may be able to explain parts of the class in another way, if you have misunderstood something during the lecture.At the end of the semester some courses are evaluated through the project-exam (PE-courses) and others are evaluated through individual exams (SE-courses).


To do a project takes a lot of work, and that is why you will not be alone at doing it.

Groups choose their projects and will have at least one supervisor connected to them.
The supervisors are lecturers and researchers at the university, and they will help you with the tough decisions. They will suggest good ideas in both technical problems and how you communicate your project in the final project-report.
Among other things working in groups strengthens the contact between the students and the supervisors at.
The supervisor is there to support your group on your journey through complex problems and to guide you in the right direction.In the first semesters of Medialogy, the projects are of a nature that allows you to develop fundamental skills.
However, on later semesters the problems posed in project-proposal tend to concern contemporary research and problems in industry.
As the last thing of each semester, the group members defend their project at an oral exam, where the supervisor and censor evaluate each group member’s performance.