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If you are a student in the Sound and music computing program, and would like to spend the third semester abroad, these are the places we reccomend, listed from closer to further away geographically:

1) KTH Stockholm. Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design,

2) Aalto University, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics. 

3) University of Oslo. Department of Musicology

4) Center for Digital Music, Queen Mary University, London

5) Goldsmith University, London

6) IRCAM, Pompidou Center, Paris

7) Music technology group, University Pompeu Fabra

8) Sound and Music Computing, University of Padova

9) CCRMA, Stanford University

10) CREATE, Santa Barbara

11) NYU, Music technology

12) USC Los Angeles

13) UCSD, Music department

14) Toronto University

15) McGill University, CCRMIT

16)Singapore University


NOTE: If you are a center working in music technology and you are interested in hosting our students for one semester, feel free to contact sts (at) create.aau.dk



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