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Arkanoid Sequencer

Description: “The Arkanoide Sequencer is a virtual reality music interface that enables the user to sequence music in a three-dimensional space.

Surrounded by a custom number of walls which represent different instruments, the user is able to create rhythmic, harmonic and melodic patterns, controlling dynamic and pitch parameters in a 16-step sequence.

Each wall is a group of 16×16 matrix of “bricks” where rows represent pitch and columns a step in the sequence. There’s a global time signature and tempo that can be set at the beginning of the performance and adjusted while playing and creating a sequence. Using the hand controllers of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, it’s possible to create in two different ways: by aiming a laser beam and selecting a brick or by striking it in close-range.

Current development includes dynamics control by changing the shape of the bricks or by how hard the brick is stroked. Also, 3D sound for bringing spatialization to the music and enhancing the sense of presence in music creation and listening experiences. Finally, multiplayer setup is considered for collaborative performance.”

Workshop “Machine Learning for Audio @ NIPS17”

Hendrik Purwins, Bob Sturm (Queen Mary University of London), and Mark Plumbley (University of Surrey) are organizing the Workshop “Machine Learning for Audio Signal Processing (ML4Audio)” at NIPS 2017, on Friday, December 8th, 2017 in Los Angeles and invite authors to submit contributions:


Hendrik Purwins with Talks at AAU-Aalborg and RDAM

On Wednesday 27 April, 12.45 – 14.00, Hendrik Purwins will give a talk on: Analysis and Generation of Percussion Sequences and Decoding Attention to Musical Instruments using EEG, Rendsburggade 14, Room 4.329, Aalborg (also broadcast via VC to Acm15 C1/2.1.005 in Copenhagen and B108 in Esbjerg) On Thursday 28 April, 12:30-14:00 he will talk about The Musical Brain Computer Interface and Machine Learned Music Improvisation at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.


Thomas Lunner (Otikon/Linköping University) at SMCC

Thomas Lunner (Cognitive Hearing Science, Eriksholm Research Center, Oticon & Linköping University) will give a talk on: Cognitive Hearing Aids, Mo. 18.4. 16:15h, Frederikskaj 10A, 4th Floor, Room FKJ10A 4.13

Uwe Hermann from Eriksholm Research Center, Oticon at SMCC

Uwe Hermann will give a talk on: When Healthcare Meets Cognition & Augmentation, We. 13.4. 16:15h, Frederikskaj 10A, 4th Floor, Room FKJ10A 4.133. http://www.facebook.com/events/198025190582143/


Collaboration between Sonar Barcelona and SMC Copenhagen

Discover Sónar and Sónar+D with your Pass at a reduced price

Thanks to the partnership between Sound and Music Computing at Aalborg University Copenhagen and Sónar Barcelona to promote networking opportunities among related communities around music and the creative industries, we are offering among SMC European Network members, 50 Delegate Passes with 20% discount (50 euros) to attend Sónar 2016

Promotional Price: 200 euros.

Price without promotion 250 euros.

Ask for your Promotional Pass by contacting promotions@sonar.es

Delegate Passes will be assigned on first come first served basis.
This special deal is valid until 30th of March 2016.
Delegate Pass price increases after 31st of March 2016

Delegate Passes give full access to Sónar+D and Sónar:

Sónar+D, International Conference that brings together a combination of activities with a common theme: the relationship between Creativity and Technology, and the Digital Transformation of the Cultural Industries involved.

Sónar, International festival of Music, Creativity & Technology.


Open House Day @ AAU Copenhagen!

Today there is ‘Open House Day’ at Aalborg University Copenhagen! You can have a look at Bachelor’s and Master’s Programme. Come and check SMC Master’s Programme out! You can have free coffee and speak with SMC students!

SMC student winner of Oticon Innovation competition

A student from Sound and Music Computing won the Innovation competition from Oticon.

Read more here: http://www.computerworld.dk/art/235564/prisvindere-har-en-vild-id-scanner-i-dit-oere-skal-aflaese-dit-humoer-saadan-fungerer-teknologien

Skat-VG workshop




This week (November 23-27th) researchers from the SKAT-VG   workshop are visiting the Sound and Music Computing students for a week long workshop on sound sketching and prototyping.


SMC colloquium

SMC is running a research colloquium. The schedule can be found here.