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Arkanoid Sequencer

Description: “The Arkanoide Sequencer is a virtual reality music interface that enables the user to sequence music in a three-dimensional space.

Surrounded by a custom number of walls which represent different instruments, the user is able to create rhythmic, harmonic and melodic patterns, controlling dynamic and pitch parameters in a 16-step sequence.

Each wall is a group of 16×16 matrix of “bricks” where rows represent pitch and columns a step in the sequence. There’s a global time signature and tempo that can be set at the beginning of the performance and adjusted while playing and creating a sequence. Using the hand controllers of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, it’s possible to create in two different ways: by aiming a laser beam and selecting a brick or by striking it in close-range.

Current development includes dynamics control by changing the shape of the bricks or by how hard the brick is stroked. Also, 3D sound for bringing spatialization to the music and enhancing the sense of presence in music creation and listening experiences. Finally, multiplayer setup is considered for collaborative performance.”

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