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“Can the passengers of the Copenhagen Metro be made more conscious of their actions and give space for the passengers exiting the trains by communicating a message through a short, relevant animation?” 

This explorative study focuses on creating a behavioral campaign aimed at the passengers of the Copenhagen Metro. The preliminary studies are based upon observations, interviews with experts from Metro Service A/S and DSB, and microsociologic theories from Goffman, Brown and Levinson, and Vallacher and Wegner.

The product was three short animations conveying the message that people should not block the metro doors, using a limited animation with mixed styles. The animations were displayed at Forum Metro station and 80 passengers were interviewed. The evaluation of the study uses the principles of the E.P.I.C. scores from The Nielsen Company’s ad-track method, used in advertising. According to evaluations of other behavioural campaigns, it can be assumed that a long term campaign will have an effect if the users like the campaign.

The conclusion is that people liked the animation beyond what was expected and that people understood the conveyed message of the animation according to expectations.