Reviewing Statistics from the past half decade


Now that I am cleaning out my office after spending half a decade here, I thought it would be interesting to compile the statistics of my peer reviewing during that time.

I have reviewed 33 papers submitted to conferences, such as ICASSP, EUSIPCO, ISMIR, and DAFx. The rate at which I recommended acceptance is over 51%!

I have reviewed at least 18 articles submitted to journals, such as IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech Lang. Proc., IEEE Sig. Process., IEEE Sig. Process. Letts., IEEE Trans. Multimedia, J. New Music, Research, and EURASIP J. Audio, Speech and Music Process. My acceptance rate is a surprising 11%. I wonder if I am being too harsh; but a brief review of the articles I have rejected tell me "no." Furthermore, looking at the recommendations of the other reviewers, I see that I am not the only one of the other two or three who recommends rejection. (Some are also "reject but encourage resubmission." :)

I have reviewed four external Master's students (all pass!).

I have examined two PhDs (all pass!).

I have reviewed one book proposal.

I have reviewed two grant proposals (one advising against and one in support).


Oh I've been meaning to get around to compiling these stats too!

"My acceptance rate is over 51%!" -- I take it this means the rate at which you recommended acceptance, not the rate at which papers you reviewed were actually accepted?

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