Daily review constructed from an AcousticBrainz track analysis: Dec. 3 2014

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leonid-sabaneyev-250x375.jpgAcousticBrainz aims to automatically analyze the world's music, in partnership with MusicBrainz and "provide music technology researchers and open source hackers with a massive database of information about music." This effort is crowd sourced neatness, which means people from all over the world are contributing data by having their computer crunch through their MusicBrainz-IDed music libraries and automatically uploading all the low-level features it extracts. AcousticBrainz has now analyzed over 1.2 million tracks, which makes it larger than the Million Song Dataset.

I construct today's review from low- and high-level data recently extracted from a particular music track AcousticBrainz. Can you guess what it is? What characteristics it has? ("Probabilities" are in parentheses.) The answer will be revealed below tomorrow.

This female (0.75) instrumental (0.97) tonal (0.94) track is not a danceable (0.98) Viennese Waltz (0.93). Its mood is not electronic (0.85) but definitely acoustic (1.0), definitely not party (1.0), and most certainly not happy (0.99) but not necessarily sad (0.52). Its genre is definitely electronic (1.0) jazz (0.94) ambient (0.94) classical (0.71). This track has a last.fm tag! "Genre: Jazz".

It is the Anouar Brahem Trio playing "Halfaouine"

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