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At Aalborg University Copenhagen we offer a two-years Master in Medialogy. For a more detailed description please have a look at the official study plan here: Study Plan for Master’s Program in Medialogy

Students can specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Interaction
  • Computer graphics
  • Sound and Music
  • Games
  • Medialogy
Semester 1: Sensing media
1st Semester Project (15 ECTS)
1st Multimodal perception and cognition (5 ECTS)
1st Multivariate statistics and pattern recognition (5 ECTS)
1st User experience design for multimodal interfaces (5 ECTS) electiveor Protoyping and fabrication techniques (5 ECTS) elective

or Advanced AV production(5 ECTS) elective

Semester 2: Mediating reality
2nd Semester Project (15 ECTS)
2nd Foundations in Medialogy (5 ECTS)
2nd Specialization course in computer graphics/interaction/sound and music/games/Medialogy
2nd Multimedia programming (5 ECTS) electiveor Modelling Physical Systems (5 ECTS) elective

or Embodied interaction (5 ECTS) elective

or Narratives in digital culture (5 ECTS) elective

Semester 3: Media innovation
3rd Semester Project (20 ECTS)
3rd Research in Medialogy (5 ECTS)
3rd Creative innovation and entrepreneurship (5 ECTS) elective
3rd Elective course (5 ECTS) elective
Semester 4: Master Thesis
4th Thesis (30 ECTS)