Haptic Audio Interaction Design 2010

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Poster proceedings can be downloaded here

Using Tangisense for a collaboration exploration of a sound space.
Jean-Julien Filatriau and Daniel Arfib

Realtime synthesized sword-sounds in computer games with novel controlling interfaces
Niels Boettcher

Realtime Interaction Analysis of Social Interplay in a Multimodal Musical-Sonic Interaction Context
Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen

Response Time to Auditory Feedback in a Motor Task
Roland Sigrist, Georg Rauter, Robert Riener and Peter Wolf

Haptic Sensation in Organ Playing
Erkin Asutay, Daniel Vastfjall, and Mendel Kleiner

Physical Modeling Modular Boxes: PHOXES
Steven Gelineck and Stefania Serafin

An Audio-Haptic Mobile Guide for Non-Visual Navigation and Orientation
Kirsten Rassmus-Grˆhn, Miguel Molina, Charlotte Magnusson, and Delphine Szymczak

Linking Motion Sensors and Digital Signal Processing for Real-Time Musical Transformations
Mathieu Mazuel, Dominique David, and Laurent Girin

Spectral Discrimination Thresholds Comparing Audio and Haptics
Lorenzo Pcinali and Brian Katz

Virtual Navigator: Developing A Simulator for Independent Route Learning
David McGookin, Robbie Cole, and Stephen Brewster

Nonverbal communication of intention and attention while playing a game
Ditte Hvas Mortensen

Wheel matters – Pseudo-haptic approach in designing enhanced touch screen wheel widget
Kai Tuuri, Antti Pirhonen, and Jukka Varsaluoma

The Effect of Haptic Feedback in Vocal Sketching Experiments with a Graspable Interface
Koray Tahiroglu and Teemu Ahmaniemi

D-Jogger: a multimodal music interface for music selection based on user step frequency
Bart Moens, Leon Van Noorden, and Marc Leman

WiiCane Demo
Steven Landau

Sonifying Social Networks: Maintaining an Overview of Online Activities
Tilman Dingler and Stephen Brewster

HSP v2: Haptic Signal Processing with Extensions for Physical Modeling
Edgar Berdahl, Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, and Dan Overholt

Tactile Belt gives valuable information to Tug Boat Pilot
Birger Bach Jessen

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