E: mediatech@create.aau.dk | T: 9940 2471

This lab is divided into two main functions. First of all there is a recording system up and running for making high quality audio recordings. A computer (Mac) with Reason, Garageband and Audacity is available together with an M-Audio sound card. Three high quality microphones are available (one condensator mic for vocals, one directional mic for Foley recordings, and one stereo mic for environment recordings). Everything is setup ready to go at all times.

In the opposite side of the lab two machines are setup especially for rendering/Unity tasks (one is an iMac running Unity, Maya, and other software – the other is a Windows powerhouse running Matlab at the moment). This part of the lab can also be used for conducting user experiments that are mostly desktop based (for instance play a computer game and fill in a questionnaire).