E: mediatech@create.aau.dk | T: 9940 2471




Official lab page: http://www.melcph.org

The Multisensory Experience lab is based in Copenhagen, and is part of the facilities of Aalborg University in Sydhavn.

In the Multisensory experience lab we work on virtual reality and multisensory experiences, exploring the combination of different input and output modalities in interactive applications. We are interested in both development of novel hardware and software technologies as well as evaluation of user experience.

We apply our technologies to health, rehabilitation, education and entertainment.

We are particularly interested in researching topics related to sonic interaction design for multimodal environments, simulating walking experiences, sound rendering and spatialization, haptic interfaces, cinematic VR and evaluation of user experience in multimodal environments.


The multisensory experience lab is directed by Medialogy Professors Stefania Serafin and Rolf Nordahl.
For any enquires, please contact: Stefania Serafin, sts@create.aau.dk, Phone: +4599402475