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The control and expressiveness in human performance are directly linked to emotion and meaning. Augmented performance is an SMC research direction that aims to enhance the expressive range of performance possibilities with the aid of technology. It is situated and contextualized in the Augmented Performance Lab (APL) — a making, moving, and hearing space that tackles technological, cultural, and artistic co-creation projects. The technical equipment in APL captures, analyzes, processes, and displays real-time performance on the body, on augmented or hybrid musical instruments, tangible interfaces, reactive surfaces, or in space.

It includes three main spaces:

  • Moving space, an advanced digital media application and tangible interaction area with room for gestural performance research.
  • Making space, including a variety of custom-designed and built augmented musical instruments – and equipment to design and create future concepts.
  • Hearing space, for high quality sound capture and reproduction, including access to the Wave Field Lab, a 64-channel WFS system placed inside an anechoic chamber.

All lab equipment is placed in a flexible environment that allows a wide variety of experiments to be conducted.