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2012-10-30 08.51.58 am

Open House at AAU Copenhagen

Today we welcome everyone to visit Medialogy CPH as AAU Copenhagen holds its biannual open house. The open house will take place at the main building in A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 KBH S from 15:00-19:00. See here for more information about the Open House.

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Two Interesting talks on November 9th

On Friday November 9th we will have two very interesting presentations, both in the open lecture space next to the canteen area at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15.

The first presentation at 11AM is from Katarina Delsing and Mats Liljedahl from the Swedish Interactive Institute.
“The Interactive institute is a Swedish experimental IT and design research institute that conducts applied research and innovation through creative and participatory processes”.

The second presentation at 1PM is from Martin Roth, head of research at rjdj, a company that makes sonic apps, location based games and has collaborated with the makers of Inception and Dark Knight Rises.

Multisensory Experience Lab featured in Ingeniøren

The multimodal experience lab has recently been featured in the main headlines for the weekly newsmail from Ingeniøren.
The full article is here in danish, but as always google translate does a great job.

2012-10-17 10.27.54 pm

Medialogy paper at Meaningful Play 2012

At the international conference “Meaningful Play: Designing and Studying Games that matter”, the paper “Reification and Real Life Goals as Facilitators of Progression in Digital Games” by Medialogy master students Niels Peter Rasmussen, Sandra Dogg Gudnadottir, Christian Toft, Thomas Saaby Nielsen and assistant professor Henrik Schoenau-Fog will be presented on October 18th, 2012.
More about Meaningful Play 2012: [http://meaningfulplay.msu.edu/]

2012-10-13 10.26.58 am

Amalia De Götzen nominated as member of the Management Committee for the COST Action FP1104

Amalia De Götzen has been nominated as a member of the Management Committee for COST Action FP1104 : New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital (http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fps/Actions/FP1104).
A COST action is an international network of scientists working in a particular area of research. Each action runs for a period of four years. The participants of an action are members of different working groups, and the action is led by a Management Committee.


Henrik Schoenau-Fog, Alexander Birke & Lars Reng at Mindtrek 2012

At the Mindtrek 2012 conference in Tampere, Finland – B.Sc. in Medialogy Alexander Birke and assistant professor Henrik Schønau-Fog presented the ‘Space Bugz!’ crowd game project including “Evaluation of Continuation Desire as an Iterative Game Development Method” by Henrik Schoenau-Fog, Alexander Birke & Lars Reng and “Space Bugz! – A Smartphone-Controlled Crowd Game” by Alexander Birke, Henrik Schoenau-Fog & Lars Reng. More about Mindtrek 2012 can be found here: Mindtrek 2012. Go here to see more about Space Bugz.


Bob L. Sturm is presenting two papers at MIRUM 2012

Assistant Professor Bob L. Sturm is presenting two papers at the 2nd Int. ACM Workshop on Music Information Retrieval with User-Centered and Multimodal Strategies (MIRUM), in Nara, Japan on November 2, 2012: http://mirum12.tudelft.nl/ (an-analysis-of-the-gtzan-music-genre-dataset and two-systems-for-automatic-music-genre-recognition-what-are-they-really-recognizing)