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We offer a three year Bachelor in Medialogy. The following outlines the courses and semester projects for each of the 6 semesters of the Medialogy Bachelor. For more detailed information please have a look at the Study Regulations: Medialogy Bachelor Study Plan.
Please note that the Study Plan outlined below is the new study plan (starting from September 2014). The old study plan can be found here: Medialogy Bachelor Study Plan 2010
Semester 1: Designing from Both Sides of the Screen
1st Creative Play – Applied Technology (15 ECTS)
1st Problem based learning in Science, Technology and Society (5 ECTS)
1st Audio-Visual Sketching (5 ECTS)
1st Introduction to Programming (5 ECTS)
Semester 2: Interaction Design – Human Computer Confluence
2nd Semester Module (15 ECTS)
2nd Mathematics for Multimedia Applications (5 ECTS)
2nd Programming for Interaction (5 ECTS)
2nd Interaction Design (5 ECTS)
Semester 3: Visual Computing – Human Perception
3rd Semester Module (15 ECTS)
3rd Image Processing (5 ECTS)
3rd Human Senses and Perception (5 ECTS)
3rd Programming of Complex Software Systems (5 ECTS)
Semester 4: Sound Computing and Sensor Technology
4th Semester Module (15 ECTS)
4th Audio Processing (5 ECTS)
4th Design and Analysis of Experiments (5 ECTS)
4th Physical Interface Design (5 ECTS)
Semester 5: Audio-Visual Experiments
5th Semester Module (15 ECTS)
5th Computer Graphics Programming (5 ECTS)
5th Rendering and Animation Techniques (5 ECTS)
5th Screen Media (5 ECTS)
Semester 6: Interactive Systems Design
6th Bachelor Project (15 ECTS)
6th Real-time Interfaces and Interactions (5 ECTS) – elective
6th Artificial Intelligence Programming (5 ECTS) – elective
6th Ethnographically Informed Design (5 ECTS) – elective
6th Theory and Practice of Game Design and Development (5 ECTS) – elective
6th Technologies for Web and Social Media (5 ECTS) – elective